Shop Services


Part of our foundation includes a modern OEM and repair facility. We contract all types of machining work and specialize in fast turnaround of prototype and production runs.

Often it is more cost effective and practical to bring transportable jobs directly to us to be worked in-house.

Engineering and Design

We have designed a variety of equipment for our own use and for our customers. We use Solidworks CAD software for digital prototyping, and to support our manufacturing operations.

Manufacturing Capabilities

Wrightworks has a full machine shop including toolroom and CNC machining equipment, material conversion and fabrication capabilities. We use MasterCAM to streamline our CNC operations.

Maintenance and Inventory

We maintain, repair, and rebuild all of our own field equipment as well as on site machining equipment from other manufacturers. We keep a large inventory of field equipment ready to go so that we can respond to time sensitive requests quickly.


We train customers to use our equipment, as well as our own personnel. Our realistic mockups allow us to prepare technicians for the challenges they might encounter in the field.